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2021 EMSL

East Metro Soccer League (EMSL) is a soccer league created to standardize game play, scheduling and referee training.  Columbia, BelleClair and Waterloo have created this league in our communities best interests.  We talked with and hope to add Collinsville in the future.  the EMSL handbook is posted here.  Please become familiar with it for your upcoming INAUGURAL Season in EMSL.  Here's to a great 2020 Season.

Grassroots Coaching

Introducing optional Grassroots classes for volunteer coaches interested in furthering your development as a coach with U.S. Soccer.

Presented by the U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center, a state-of-the art online educational platform, the Grassroots program allows coaches to create a personal profile, register for courses, communicate with technical staff, take part in online courses,
create session plans with an online graphics tool, access an archive of U.S. Soccer training sessions and much more.


Rainout Info

All weather reports will be broadcast on our Facebook page ONLY. Please consult your away location for weather data and field closures.

We strive to keep a quality playing surface for all of our players as well as other teams that use our fields.  Playing on an over saturated field can cause major damage.  These damages can mean we have to stay off the fields for an extended period of time as well as require the use of funds to repair those damages.

Please respect our decision to cancel games and practices as we deem necessary.


Referee Guidelines

Without referees, our soccer matches would be nothing other than sand lot scrimmages. Referees help made order out of chaos and deserve our respect and support. In many cases the referees are youths themselves. In every case, they are trying their best to be fair and accurate. In every soccer match, the Referee is always correct and not to be argued with. The referee's authority starts when the teams are warming up on the field and continues while play is stopped for any reason and through any tie-breaking procedures. The following outlines the authority that the Referee has on the field of play.

The Referee:
  • Enforces the Laws of the Game
  • Keeps the official time of the game
  • Stops play if a player is guilty of a foul or misconduct
  • Prevents anyone from coming onto the field unless the referee says it is okay
  • Requires a player to leave the field if the player is bleeding or has blood on the uniform
  • Makes sure the field, the ball, and player equipment are safe and legal
  • Suspends or terminates a game if needed
  • Provides the official report of the game.

A Referee can:
  • Require a coach or team official to leave the field if their behavior is not proper (a card is not shown)
  • Decide not to stop play even if there is a foul or misconduct if stopping play would help the team that committed the foul or misconduct. This is called "applying the advantage."
  • Decide not to call any foul or misconduct if the referee decides that the action is trifling (not important or does not have a serious effect on play).
  • Decide to let play continue if an injury is not serious
  • Caution a player or substitute by showing a yellow card
  • Send a player or a substitute from the field by showing a red card
  • Make decisions using information from an assistant referee
  • Referee decisions about the facts of the game, including whether a goal was scored, are final. After the Referee says a goal is scored, this decision cannot be changed if the game has been restarted.

Laws of the Game Made Easy
 -- United States Soccer Federation, Inc. Chicago IL --

Helpful Links for coaches
Soccer drills for kids (Youtube videos)

Required Documentation
Code of Conduct
Medical Release Form

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